Designer Cake Flavors, Icings and Fillings

Designer Cake

  • Our basic cake flavors are vanilla, chocolate, orange, coffee or a combination of these flavors.
  • We also cater for light and rich fruit cakes as well as sugee cakes.
  • If you would like any other flavors, do let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your request.



Designer Cake Icings 

  • All our cakes and cupcakes are covered in either fondant, butter icing or ganache.

 What is fondant?

  • Fondant is a pliable dough-like cake covering made using sugar. It has a very sweet, marshmallow-like taste and gives a very smooth and professional finish to cakes.
  • We use both store bought fondant as well as our own homemade fondant interchangeably. Homemade fondant contains gelatin. Store bought fondant is very sensitive to humidity and may not be suitable in high humid weather conditions.  

What is butter icing?

  • Butter icing is made of butter and sugar and has a very rich taste. Butter icing is available in vanilla, chocolate, coffee and lemon flavors.


What is ganache?

  • Ganache is chocolate based icing and comes in 3 different flavors, ie, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate.



Designer Cake Fillings

  • Cake fillings refer to the cream in between cake layers.
  • Our basic cake fillings are butter cream in vanilla, chocolate, coffee and orange and chocolate ganache.
  • If you wish to have any other flavors, do let us know and we will be happy to cater for your taste buds. :)

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